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Telecom Field Engineers are the future.

The new career will link all engineering, give the real sense of what is electronics, design and automation and provide modernization of systems
technology. Within five years, the country will have the first group of telecom field engineer capable of designing engineering processes and products, researching and innovating in goods and services based on advanced technology and creating theories and processes that will solve the country's problems
in this field.

The telecom engineers will have been trained under the system of a seminar workshop, the backbone of the career, which will allow him to put into practice the theory he learns every day. In this way, from the first semester, the student will have time to conceive, analyze, design and

A professional design and electronic automation will have to have all their time. The academic schedule will be from 7 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon. However, the study and application of the knowledge acquired during the day will take over the rest of the afternoon.